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See a psychologist. Going as far as doing that is called "stalking" and you can go to jail if you're persistent with it.

It is also commonly called obsession. It is unhealthy to want to go to extremes as this to get in touch with the people you admire. Especially celebrities, they are humans just like us. They want to be left alone. They have their own private life, their own family, their own circle of friends. You can listen to their music, see them perform and all, but they should be left alone.

People have gone as far as breaking into the houses of celebrities, such as the case of Enya[1], someone broke into her castle twice. One man even shot himself in the head when he found there was no way to get to her. Believe me, even though the men who did that loved her, the only thing they accomplished is for her to be terrified, to hide away and perhaps even hate them.

Leave them alone, I would rather one day out of pure luck, get to meet my favorite celebrities, than somehow infiltrate their privacy and possibly get arrested, as well as being hated or even thought to be mentally ill by them, the media, and ridiculed world wide.

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